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Balanced Assessment System

How do we measure whether students are learning or not?

What components are necessary for a quality assessments system? This session looks at creating a balanced assessment system in districts. It begins to identify a process to develop an assessment system to focus on student learning. It begins with identifying learning targets. It identifies different types of assessments and assessment items. We then move to developing quality assessments items. It identifies what data our assessment system needs to provide and how to use it to improve student learning.

Focus Questions

  • Why do we assess?
  • What are the components of quality assessments?
  • How do we match assessment types to the learning targets?
  • How does our assessment system match our school mission?
  • How does our assessment system support our school improvement goals?
  • What are the various types of assessments and what is their purpose?
  • How do assessments fit into the teaching and learning cycle?
  • How do we use assessment data and why?


  • Provide a process of prioritizing the content expectations
  • Develop an outline and template for a district assessment plan
  • Develop a process for utilizing formative assessments to improve student learning and inform instruction