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Beyond Achievement Data 

Digging Deeper Into Achievement Related Data

At this session we will dig deeper and move beyond achievement data into achievement related data: Attendance, Discipline, Referrals, Parent Involvement, Homework and Course Enrollment.

Where is the data found? How might we access it, analyze it and use it to ultimately impact student achievement?

Participants will leave this session with an understanding of achievement related data. They will get tools and resources to begin data mining beyond student achievement data.

Focus Questions


  • What is achievement related data?
  • What are the different types of data?
  • Why is achievement related data essential in impacting student achievement?
  • How do we access it, analyze it and use it to ultimately impact student achievement?
  • What staff is involved in the collection and utilization of achievement related data?
  • How do you develop action plans that will obtain results?



  • Deepen understandings of achievement related data
  • Analyze achievement related data
  • Develop the ability to analyze achievement related data as it pertains to your district
  • Build capacity to move beyond achievement data
  • Develop an action plan to use achievement related data to increase student achievement


Facilitation Guide & PPT

For the latest version of the faciliator's guide and Power Point for this module, please email Maureen Slamer.