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Creating Conditions for Professional Learning

 Is your building ready for professional learning?

What needs to be in place to create the conditions for professional learning? This session looks at creating the context for professional learning. Within the context, process for creating the conditions and content will also be addressed.

Focus Questions


  • What is a Professional Learning Community (PLC)?
  • What are the six characteristics of a PLC?
  • Why should PLCs be considered?
  • How is the context for professional learning set?
  • What are the processes to use to create PLCs?
  • How do we determine the content of professional learning?


  • Establishing the environment for professional learning (Context)
  • Determining the state of your culture
  • Determining the design that works with the context (Process)
  • Creating Norms to drive professional learning
  • Connecting data, professional learning, and student achievement (Content)
  • Creating steps to move towards your desired state

creating a culutre of learning