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Data Conferencing


What is the purpose of a data conference? How can data conferences support student achievement? Why is frequent monitoring of student achievement data important? This module will focus on understanding the what, how and why of a data conference. Strategies will be explored to support a building's staff in transitioning to a data conference, be it at a grade level or individually.

Focus Questions


  • What is a data conference?
  • How do I need to plan for data conference?
  • What strategies can be used to support the transition a building's staff to data conferencing?
  • What does a data conference look like/sound like?
  • How does data conferencing support a culture of quality data?




  • To understand the purpose of a data conference
  • To understand the role of the administrator and teacher in a data conference
  • To understand the role of examining of evidence in a data conference
  • To understand the theory supporting a data conference
  • To provide possible structures for a data conference