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Effective Reading Instruction for Grades 3-5

This professional development module will support principals and school teams in leading school improvement efforts in addressing the needs of developing readers. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, the focus is on developing students that are college and career ready. The portrait of the student that meets the Common Core State Standards as a reader will be able to:

·         Demonstrate independence

·         Build strong content knowledge

·         Respond to the demands of  task and purpose

·         Comprehend and critique

·         Value evidence

Effective Reading Instruction in Grades 3-5 will begin the data mining process to uncover both our strengths and challenges in developing students that do read and are on their way to becoming college and career ready. Although this professional development module was designed to be data-tool independent, the Data 4SS MEAP Proficiency Inquiry and the Comparative Item Analysis Inquiry will be used. The intent of this module is to build the capacity within schools to ask the questions of the data.

Focus Questions

·         What can we learn from our MEAP Reading data?

·         How do we use this data to identify reading goals and measurable objectives?

·         How do we engage the staff in the data analysis process?

·         How do the standards change the expectations of teachers?


·         To strengthen understandings of the reading process

·         To strengthen understandings of the foundation of good reading

·         To support the paradigm shift to reading as thinking

·         To understand the importance of data accuracy, interpretation and use

·         To increase knowledge of effective instructional strategies, best practices and resources

·         To understand the level of complexity of the tasks required as readers