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Examining Student Work II

How do we know what students know and still need to learn?

Examining classroom work to understand what students know and still need to learn provides the information necessary to knowing where to go next instructionally.

Examining Student Work II builds on the original Examining Student Work module in assisting school teams to engage in meaninfgul discussions around examining student work to improve student learning.  Additional protocols and examples are provided to give presenters and educator teams options and practice in these discussions.

Focus Questions

  • How do we examine student work?
  • What diagnostic information should classroom assessments provide?
  • How do we reach consensus about what proficient work looks like?
  • How do we structure time and set expectations that teams regularly examine student work?
  • How do we monitor that teams are regularly examining student work and using the data to inform their instruction?
  • What diagnostic data should be included in the data warehouse?
  • When do we score versus when do we diagnose student work?


  • Better understand WHY and HOW to examine student work.
  • Understand how to use the Examining Student Work Protocol and the Collaborative Assessment Conference to facilitate the regular examination of student work.
  • Understand the factors and structures that facilitate meaningful conversations.
  • Identify a game plan to regularly examine student work and use the information to inform instruction