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Leadership in Building a Culture of Quality Data

What does leadership look like in a culture of quality data?

In order to build a culture of quality data, leadership is necessary at all levels of a school district. This module will help to highlight what leadership looks like at all levels, what type of questions leaders need to ask, and the importance of collaboration.

Focus Questions

  • What is a culture of quality data?
  • Who needs to collaborate and when?
  • What is my role as the leader?
  • What data mining strategies are appropriate/useful and when are they used?
  • What are SMART goals and why are they important?


By the end of this workshop, leaders will be able to:

  • Understand a culture of quality data and the impact of change theory on staff
  • Identify roles that need to be involved in building a culture of quality data
  • Encourage and model collaboration
  • Identify which data mining strategies are useful for various roles/settings
  • Identify the leader's role
  • Navigate staff through identifying SMART goals based on data
  • Understand how data quality impacts a culture of quality data

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