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Using State Data to Identify School Improvement Goals

This professional development module will guide schools'/districts' teams through the data mining process focused on the quesion:

-What can we learn from our MEAP data?

Although this professional development module was designed to be data-tool independent, the Data 4SS MEAP Proficiency Inquiry will be used.  The intent of this module is to build the capacity within schools/districts to ask questions of the data and support their journey of  continuous school improvement 

Focus Questions

  • Where are we in relation to our AYP/Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) targets?
  • How do we analyze our MEAP data to identify strengths and challenges?
  • What questions do our data raise for us?
  • How do we use this data to identify school improvement goals and annual measuerable objectives?
  • How do we engage staff in the data analysis process?
  • How do standards change expectations for teachers?
  • What are the limitations of state assessment data?


By the end of this workshop, school leaders will be able to

  • Analyze their MEAP performance and identify strengths and needs
  • Identify their school improvement goals
  • Identify questions raised by their data