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Using School Data to Clarify and Address the Problem

Why do our data results look like they do?

School teams will examine their instructional program in a low performance area to clarify the problem. Using selected school improvement framework strands, they will identify evidence that their instruction and curriculum are aligned and that teachers are assessing and monitoring student progress.

Using the Data 4SS Teacher/Student Report, teams will explore who is teaching the students not meeting proficient and in what courses they are being taught. Using the Data 4SS MEAP Questions Report, they will explore what they can learn about their instructional program from the questions students had the most difficulty answering correctly. School teams will develop a game plan to engage staff in the problem clarification process.

Focus Questions

  • What data do we have about our instructional program in a low performance area?
  • What additional data do we need to clarify our problem?
  • What strategies need to be part of our school improvement plan to address high impact causes of low performance?
  • What professional development do our teachers need to implement the strategies?
  • How do we engage staff in the problem clarification process?


By the end of this workshop, school leaders will be able to

  • Lead the problem clarification process
  • Identify additional data needed to clarify the problem
  • Identify instructional program and staff development needs
  • Develop a game plan to engage staff in clarifying the problem