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Using Classroom Data to Monitor Student Progress

How do we monitor our student's progress?

If teachers are not regularly collecting data on where their students are in their journey to proficiency, how will they know how to use their instructional time effectively. How will schools know when and how to intervene?

This workshop will focus on the development of a monitoring tool that will identify what data teachers need to collect and analyze as a team to monitor class and school progress on student achievement goals. School teams will determine what data they want to capture in their data warehouse and plan how they will use the data?

Focus Questions

  • What data do schools need to collect to monitor their student progress?
  • How do we communicate our expectations for how teachers monitor student progress?
  • How do we monitor teacher collection and use of data?
  • What monitoring data should we be entering in our data warehouse, and how will we use it?
  • What is the difference between benchmark and formative assessments?


By the end of this workshop, school leaders will be able to

  • Communicate expectations for monitoring student progress
  • Facilitate the development of a monitoring plan
  • Use staff meeting time to model and showcase how teachers analyze and use their monitoring data
  • Identify monitoring data that should be collected in the data warehouse
  • Monitor that teachers collect and use monitoring data in their instructional decision making