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Why is writing important? What do the writing results reveal about our students knowledge and skills? What can we learn from our students writing? How will we instruct so students learn? Are we assigning writing or teaching the craft of writing? This module will focus on refining teachers' understanding of writing process. Instructional links between the reading and writing processes will be made to develop the understandings of writer's craft. Analysis of student writing samples will support the understanding of students' strengths as writers and the possible range of instructional next steps.

Focus Questions

  • What does quality writing look like at a grade level?
  • What are the Grade Level Content Expectations and High School Content Expectations for writers?
  • How do we analyze student writing?
  • What are the strengths of the writer?
  • What writing craft skills transcend genre?
  • How do we use our strengths as reading teachers to support writers?


  • Deepen understandings of the writing process
  • Analyze student writing for strengths
  • Identify elements of writer's craft
  • Understand the role of demonstration in writing instruction
  • Understand the links between reading and writing processes