How to Get Involved

This project is coordinated through Michigan's educational service agencies (ISDs/RESAs/RESDs) for use by these agencies and the local public schools they serve. This Title IID grant provided funding to enable the creation of a Professional Development Model designed to foster school improvement planning around quality data and inquiry relating to student work. This grant has also provided funding to build a Dynamic Inquiry tool that helps educators analyze state level data to use in the school improvement planning process.

Inquiry Tool

If you do not have access to the inquiry tool, please contact your ISD/RESA for more information. See the About Data4SS page.

Professional Development

The professional development resources are provided on this website. They are intended to be a resource for you in helping build a culture of quality data. Some of the modules require using a data tool to identify where to focus efforts. The tools to use are the Data 4SS Inquiry tools together with your local data warehouse. Other modules are focused not on a tool but on how to build a culture of quality data. These focus on topics such as leadership, conditions for learning, creating assessments, data conferencing, etc.

In order for educators to continue to make good decisions, they must continue to have sustained professional development on how to make good decisions based on data. Professional development, lead by Calhoun ISD, will be provided to Michigan educators in three formats in order to meet educator learning styles and needs:

  • Professional Development Modules that contain resources for ISDs/RESAs and districts to use for conducting professional development for their constituents.
  • Workshops focused on providing professional development on how to use data to make good decisions, as well as train the trainer professional development on how to use the professional development modules for constituents. Look for these to occur at state conferences and events.
  • Professional Development consultation to ISDs/RESAs in order to help them develop a professional development plan for their local school districts that meets their needs, including co-facilitation if requested.

For more information on professional development, contract Maureen Slamer, Director of Professional Development for Data 4SS.

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